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SaaS + Marketplace = $

SaaS and marketplaces have both been individually praised in the startup ecosystem for their attractiveness as business models that reach scalability and replicability of revenues in a very short amount of time compared to other approaches. However, a new wave of startups is emerging leveraging the advantages of both models making it possible for these online businesses not only to quickly attain customers, but also to retain them, taking into account that churn rate is the biggest challenge for the long-term growth of every tech venture out there.

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Conichi is going to make your hotel stay even more enjoyable

Ever felt as if you were just another guest at the hotel? Want a more personalized and exclusive experience? Then, you should be looking forward to staying at a hotel that uses Conichi.

Conichi is a CRM SaaS that helps hotels and restaurants better interact with their customers. Its aim is to revolutionize the hospitality industry, which from a technological perspective is significantly lagging behind other sectors. Conichi uses the Beacon technology, which is becoming widely popular as a contextual awareness solution for the retail domain.

I sat down with Max Waldmann, founder & CEO of Conichi, to discuss the product and the team’s plans ahead.

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