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[Updated 5 Jan 2016]

This is a list of some startup tools that we at Voilà use or think would be useful for many startups. If you want to add another great tool or app, please add it in the comments below and I will review it.

Please note that this is a curated list that includes only the most user-friendly and useful tools for a certain category/purpose.

Share as much as possible so other founders can use these too. Thanks!


Consumer Barometer by Google – Great for finding general data & spotting trends

Consumer Surveys by Google – Extremely useful tool to validate your business idea or decisions. You ask your questions and you get the results in a couple of hours or days.

SurveyMonkey – A tool for creating surveys to test your idea. You will need to pay for some useful features though.

Typeform – Similar to SurveyMonkey but with better UX/UI and more free features. Startups love it.


The Noun Project – The best icons marketplace out there.

Pexels  – Free stock photos.

UX Project Checklist  – Comprehensive guide for UX design.

The Best Designs  – Great web designs to get inspired from.

Land Book  – Great landing page designs.

Coolors  – Create a color palette for your brand or app. – Easy to use screenshot builder.

Launchkit  – Screenshot builder, app landing page,app sales reports, reviews monitor.

Sketch – Very lightweight web & app prototyping tool for your Mac.

InVision  – Web & app (iPhone and Android) prototyping tool. Import designs (e.g. from Sketch) and add hotspots.


Instapage  – Website builder. Drag and drop interface.

Unbounce – Website builder. Drag and drop interface. – Build web apps without coding. Good for very simple MVP.


Mailchimp – Online email marketing solution to manage contacts, send emails and track results. Offers plug-ins for other programs. Freemium. Free features are more than enough for a startup.

MailMunch – Customisable subscription forms to get more leads. Freemium, you will have to upgrade to get rid of logos etc.

SumoMe – Tools to grow your website traffic including social sharing icons and subscription forms. You can integrate it with Mailchimp. Freemium.

AddThis – Similar to SumoMe. Tools to grow your website traffic including social sharing icons and marketing messages

Branch Metrics – Deep links for mobile that helps your app grow through referrals and sharing seamlessly. Free.


BetaList – Have a custom-made landing page (no page builders etc)? Promote it using betalist.

Product Hunt – Have a product? Promote it using product hunt. Maybe the best way to get early adopters for your product. Also a great signal to investors if featured there. Very competitive.

leanplum – Automated and personalized triggers for mobile and A/B testing. Made for marketers.

Pitch Mantra  – Let someone else sort out the PR contacts for you. – Where to get press coverage for your startup.  – Get notified in Slack when your startup is mentioned online.


KISSMetrics  – It provides visualization tools on how users interact with their site, web apps, and mobile products. It collects and shows customers acquisition data for each user.

Mix Panel – Maybe the most advanced analytics platform for web & mobile. Includes engagement & retention reports, engagement analysis and people analytics.


Slack – Communication tool for teams with various integration options (e.g. Asana & Trello) for better productivity. Freemium, but all the features you will need are free.

Asana – Freemium. Free features are more than enough.

Trello – Kanban based tool for organizing anything. Great project management tool. Freemium, but all the features you will need are free.

Swipes – Productivity tool that integrates with Evernote. Ideal for simpler tasks.


Terms Feed – Get instant legal agreements including privacy policies, terms & conditions, terms of servise, and terms of use. All according to your specific need.

Startup Documents  – Affordable legal documents for your startup. Delaware incorporation, post incorporation documents, NDAs, terms of service.


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